mwieger2ndaccount is a contestant thats currently competing in boibble (Season 1)

Its shown mwieger2ndaccount is positive/happy due to his prompt answers.

Prompt answers:

Boibble 1:

Blocky would join BFDIA and go on W.O.A.H.B (W.o.a.h Bunch) in episode 5e (or d or c) Then get slapped by needy when spongy is on spikes.

Boibble 2: Rocky would be president he'll find the aliens and barf on them. That's why he'd be a good president.

Boibble 3:

I would tell rocky to barf on the grass

Boibble 4:

What would you do if coiny and Nickel got close?

Boibble 5:

I'd be golf ball because then I'd be smart (Making it sure hes dumb)

Boibble 6:

Because the cat wanted to replace the dog (This doesn't add to my point-)

Boibble 7: Because this camp could get famous!

Boibble 8: something is wrong and nothing here is a song.
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